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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Bodog" Ari Engel Wins Event #10 $50,000 Guaranteed

On the very next hand Bessinger got his remaining chips in with [2s][7s] against Engel's [Kh][8s], with the board running [Jd][9s][8c][2d][9h] giving Ari the pot and the title, along with the $16,000 first prize.

The Final Hand
Official Results:

1st: "Bodog Ari" Engel $16,000
2nd: Sam Bessinger $8,500
3rd: Amir Aharanov $5,500
4th: Bona Sar $4,000
5th: David Tuthill $3,250
6th: Jason Michael $2,450
7th: Christopher Lindh $1,950
8th: Steven Fredricks $1,450
9th: Warren Fraleigh $1,050